Lincoln Meet?, Anyone?


I have got to take my daughter to Lincoln tomorrow ( Sunday) is anyone up for an impromptu meet?
She is teaching dance between 11.30 am till about 3pm.
Weather is looking good from 11 am, so if any of you guys who are that way fancy a jaunt, let me know.
And, also any good suggestions to where to fly in the area would be appreciated !.
I am up to travel to meet up from Lincoln.


Well, I went solo !,
Found a great spot just south of the Cathedral, on some common land next to the Bomber Memorial.
I parked right next to the Common, walked away to the top of the hill where there was a Spire looking metal memorial.
Beside the Bomber Memorial was a path that ran alongside it.
Walked along the path, with great elevated views overlooking the Football ground and Lincoln Cathedral in the distance.
Got the Mavic Air up first done a batteries worth, then walked back to the start of the path ( right near the BM) took M2P up for a Buzz round, not a soul around in my area.
One or two dog walkers on the Common, had a play around with the camera settings, and had a damn good 2 batteries worth.
I will upload some pics/ video when I get the chance.
I will also add it to the places to fly.
The Mavic 2 Pro flew flawlessly, very impressed with its performance and exceptional picture/video quality.


Ok, so what dum dum got his shiney new M2P filters out, and could not figure out how the front bezel of the Hasselblad came off to fit them…
MMMeeeee !!
What a prat I felt !.
I hasten to add
“I ferkin’ do now!”


Care to share? :smiley:


Yes Rich, the bezel has to be pushed, and turned anti clockwise, only about a 15 degree turn then it releases from its locking mechanism.
Here is a Youtube Video of it for Members who are not aware of it.


Thanks Chris!


no problem !