Lipo question (LiHV - Tiny Whoop)

I’ve picked up a GepRC Thinking P16 HD.

The recomended Lipo for them is a 3s 300 mAh 11.4V 30C/60C.

I’ve got some 3s 300mAh 45c/75c batteries and was wondering if anyone would know if they’d be good to use?

I’ve got some of the recomendded ones on order but just wanted see if these will work.

Any advice is a huge help.


They will work fine if not better :+1:t2:

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Amazing. Thanks Deano!! I thought they might but didn’t want to take the gamble.

For quads the higher the C rating the better really as quads draw a lot of power rather quickly.

With lower C rating packs you could get voltage sag as the quad tries to pull power faster than the battery can supply it.

The result of this is the quad feeling “heavy” at full throttle.

It’s the S rating you don’t want to get wrong as that could and probably will fry something.

Mah is a trade off as a higher Mah means more juice in the tank but higher Mah means bigger and heavier batteries so doesn’t always equal more flight time because the quad has to work harder to lift the extra weight of the larger Mah pack.

I hope this makes sense :+1:t2:

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mAh = size of the tank
S = delivery pressure ( no load )
C = size of pipe out of the tank