Litchi - a couple of questions

Playing with the Litchi mission hub to better understand waypoint & POIU planning and a couple of quick (I hope) queries…

I’ve been reading around a bit and note some of you talking about ‘inserting’ waypoints. Is this only possible on the app on your phone / tablet / etc or can it be done on the web frontend as well? If so, can you share as I can’t see how at this point.

Secondly, I’m struggling to understand the “above ground” setting. I can see, on the web GUI at least, that the initial altitude is listed in yellow text and a second in white in brackets. So I’ve set two waypoints with both at 50ft. Then ticked the above ground box and to the right of the tick box it says something like “ground elevation: 220ft (16ft below first waypoint)” and this is where my brain starts to hurt :slight_smile:

So if both waypoints are at 50ft then what is going on please? For the record, the 2nd waypoint numbers are 50 (33).

p.s. hope I’ve asked this in the right place…!

Inserting waypoints :

Also - take a look at another note I did on an important consideration when inserting waypoints : Some notes on using Litchi - #3 by OzoneVibe

Above Ground

The first waypoint will always be the height above take-off, and in the screenshots is 10m. So it’s also very important that the first waypoint is at your point of take-off. (If you were on a beach beneath a 20m cliff, and you set the first waypoint to 10m over the terrain that is above the cliff … you have a problem!

In the above web screenshot you can see that all the waypoints are set at 10m, but the change in terrain height means that the subsequent waypoints are at 11.7m, 12.2m, 12.7m higher than the take-off point.
(In the mobile app one doesn’t see the first decimal place - even though it will in fact be creating that level of accuracy. But, I doubt the source data is that accurate in any case.)

In the mobile app, the above home/current/ground setting is only found in the batch waypoint settings.

This does make adding new “above ground” waypoints a bit awkward on mobile. But, at the same time, I do understand that it’s unlikely (and probably dangerous/confusing to have a mission that has waypoints that are of more than one type.

As always @OzoneVibe I am very grateful for your explanations.

I’m going to have read and re-read the above ground bit to make sure I get it in my head and hope that it stays there. Anyway, Litchi virginity was broken last night and whilst the footage was a bit hit and miss and I’m still very much learning the tool, I can, at least see that it will be useful.

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