Litchi (Beta) now on Mavic Air 2

As the title says, litchi beta for MA2 now available


Been waiting ages for this. Cheers for the heads up Chris, I’ve downloaded the Android version and just gotta wait for a chance to try it out now :+1:t2:

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Litchi is great for night time flights. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Might be a daft question, but what makes it so good for night flights?

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Pre planned waypoints, you can worry about the camera while it flys ‘itself’

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That makes sense.
Didn’t realise that you couldn’t do that on the DJI app as I have mavic pro which you can

Yeah but there’s waypoints and there’s waypoints,

Litchi has everything the the DJI apps lack.

Have a look at the Litchi hub where you can plan some flights (for free) to see how it looks and works


Many use Litchi for all flights … irrespective of the time of day.
Chris has made the points I’d have made.

My reason for saying “night flights” was that @SirGunner posted at 11:30pm saying he’d have to “wait for a chance to try it out now” … and I was suggesting that there was no need to wait.


I’ve used it a few years back however haven’t revisited for sometime.

Once we’re allowed out I’ve got some serious flying time to catch up on.

Now litchi for the mini 2 would be :sunglasses:

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Makes sense. I’ll re visit Litchi once the virus does one and were able again.

Thanks I missed that.

The DJI Air 2 is now out of beta in todays Litchi update.

That took a while eh?

First Litchi update since 28 Dec '20, too.

Litchi is in London bus mode … no updates for over 9 months, then two in two days. (Android)

Showing the same version number and info, so must be a new build f or some minor reason.


Yup, new build.

I thought it was just DJI that did this :man_facepalming:t2:

There have loads of beta updates recently.