Litchi Mission

Showing the Imperial war museum, The BBC, Coronation Street, the 2 Bridges and Old Trafford. I also did a fly over of Old Trafford but I’m not sure I should post it, grey area I know the drone code says no flying over stadiums but does that only stand when an event is going on ?


That looks great.

Fanstastic place to shoot - Nice footage :+1:

I’d have thought so, when there is no event on it’s much like flying over any other building?

Nice video and PingSpike is correct - so long as stay above the 50m ‘bubble’ when the stadium is empty you’ll be fine. The ANO refers to stadiums and the like when they are populated, i.e. deemed as a congested area (1000+ persons).

Hi steven, are you colour grading you footage and if so please tell how and what ??? love how clean and bright your video looks :grin::+1:

Basic tweek of levels, saturation blacks and whites. I then add a LUT on an adjustment layer, I tend to use LUTs designed for GoPro Protune footage.
From memory the LUT on that video was an Adobe stock one in premier ‘Blue Moon’

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Did you get any RC interference while shooting that?

I kept looking at all the glass and steel :thinking:

Still a great video :smiley:

If I take off close to the war Museum I usual get compas interference, that’s about it really.