Litchi&MM again! Blame Lockdown

Messing with the orbit mode, like th Litchi lark even though it takes a bit of getting used to

I need this for the Mini 2.

I know I need patience, for this but I am not a patient person!!

I missed out on the black Friday deal but seeing your vids @Sundowner makes me think that it could also be worth the full price as it really does look like a powerful bit of kit and really enhances the Mavic Mini to another level.

Thanks for sharing these vids of your learning curve with this app.

Wonder if they do a boxing day sale :thinking:

Not usually, if you cannot wait until next sale. It really is worth full price :wink:

Chris - it does look like its worth every penny that’s for sure. I am in no rush as such but would be nice to have it so I will take the plunge and splurge and take the MM to the next level :+1:t3:

I’ve used Litchi since the PA3 days, and its all I use now on my MP.

I did the beta testing on the Mini and it was great, the Mini has now made way for the Mini 2 so I await the SDK being released for that, probably mid 2021.

For some great Litchi stuff check out the main thread

I’m really enjoy using Litchi with the MM. Still need a lot more practice though. Next on the list is a MM range test with the Litchi app. DJI Fly app got me out to 2.1km before I needed fresh underpants. Any bets?? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

In the same place it will go the same distance I’d bet, but too many factors with the mini around interference etc. Now if had proper waypoints you could send it miles but it does not ;o(

2.4km I got, could have gone further just too much water to wade through if it dropped