Litchi Officially Available on DJI Crystalsky

At long last there’s a very simple, official way of installing Litchi on CS - here’s the link: -

It will cost £19.99 but, hey, it’s worth it IMHO.


Just installed Litchi on the 7.85 CS as per the video - piece of cake, couldn’t be happier.:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Whaaaaaat :open_mouth:

No way?!

I thought it needed some Google services in the background?

(not watched that vid yet) - I should probbly only reply after I’ve watched the vid :blush:

This is EXCELLENT news though!!!

Hmmmm… does that mean we can also easily install other apps via Amazon?!


“Hmmmm… does that mean we can also easily install other apps via Amazon?!” - yes, I believe so.:grinning::grinning:

Because I have both sizes of CS I’ve been able to install Litchi on both after purchasing just the once - woohoo!

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A member on the MavicPilots forum has reported an overheating issue on his 5.5" -

"I used this version of Litchi today on my CS 5.5, it unfortunately got super hot after a few minutes up to 48c before I switched it off to protect it.

I will stick with the 4.0.2 patched version or DJI Go 4 as it runs much cooler."

Hmm! I’ll have to check this out.

Well I’ve just installed the YouTube app from the Amazon app so definitely yes.

Is anyone in touch with MadRC? We should invite him to join us :slight_smile:

Just watched the video, a brilliant find Barry :clap:

I wonder what other apps we can install now? UAV Forecast perhaps? FlightRadar? Is the Amazon App Store the same as the Google Play Store? I mean, do the same apps appear on both?

Where is that other guy finding his CS temperature? I don’t recall seeing any temp stuff? Be interesting to see what CS device he has and which firmware it’s on.

I’ll try this tonight, thanks again!!

No, is the answer to that question… there’s no UAV Forecast app on Amazon :frowning:

It does, if you want Google Maps in Litchi. If you can suffer Here Maps then no google background services are required.

I ran it for 20 mins on my CS Ultra, there was no increase in temperature at all. I wasn’t connected to the aircraft, unsure if that’s relevant, I was just exploring the app.

Thanks again @BCF, this is going to be great! It was the single only thing missing from the CS :smiley: :+1:

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The Mavic Pilots forum member was Iannes who lives in Perth, Australia. He said the high temp was on his 5.5” CS. Maybe the relatively high Aussie ambient temperature had an influence.

I think I need a crystal sky in my life. Flying today, dull, overcast and could barely make out iPad screen as using dlog.

Crystalsky or new lens? Decisions!


One slight issue I’ve discovered with this Amazon version and that is the fact that it uses ‘Here’ maps and there is still no possibility of downloading maps for offline use. This was easy with Google maps on a tablet or iOS device. I don’t particularly want to ‘root’ my CS at this stage but could do with DJI getting their finger out and addressing the Google issue as a matter of urgency. You can’t even get/use offline maps in DJI Go anymore as they’ve stopped that as well :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

Yeah, as mentioned above :frowning:

I bloody well hate Here Maps! What also doesn’t help is that my entire neck of the woods on Here Maps is under bloody clouds :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve been doing a helluva lot of tinkering with the GO4 app lately and I’m able to run either live or cached Google Satellite maps inside my GO4 on the CS now, without installing any google packages. It’s not easy though, you need your own google maps API key and all sorts, but worth the effort. Also running FCC on the CS too (and a few other ‘tweaks’).

I’ll do some posts about it soon.