Litchi Pilot app

Now the SDK is out they’ve released a limited beta for Litchi for the Mini 3 Pro:

Currently only waypoint flights and only available to registered users but its a start.

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Litchi Pilot supports the following drones: Mini 3, Mini 3 Pro, Mavic 3 Enterprise series (tested on M3E and M3T).

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That’s something I didn’t know

iOS devices are NOT supported as DJI no longer supports the iOS platform with their latest SDK

It’s not a limited beta for the Litchi app, it’s the beta of a new Android app, Litchi Pilot, only available to Litchi owners.

I’m not sure what your point is, the OneBox info is quite clear with “… Litchi Pilot, a brand new app …”


I am in :+1:

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First test flight with the MIni 3 Pro

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Hiya, im paid user of Litchi but the beta of pilot is full, could somone share the latest apk so i can try it out please?

I know that is why I said ask them to join

UPDATE : The beta program is currently at full capacity. If you didn’t make it into the beta program this time, we ask that you please wait for the public release

I’m waiting for @clinkadink 's next post to say he’s asked them to remove @Sparkyws :flushed:

December 2023 UPDATE:

We have just launched the Litchi Pilot Open Beta, access to the beta is no longer restricted! Read below to install Litchi Pilot

Say hello to Litchi Pilot, a brand new app we have been working on to support the latest DJI drones. While it’s still early days, we are happy to announce that the Litchi Pilot BETA starts today!

At this stage, Litchi Pilot supports planning and executing waypoint flights. More flight modes will be added at a later stage.

Litchi Pilot is compatible the following drones:

  • Mini 3
  • Mini 3 Pro
  • Mavic 3E
  • Mavic 3T

Unsupported hardware:

Mini 4, Air 3 and Mavic 3: there is no SDK for these yet
Mini 3’s DJI RC (with built-in screen): it is not possible to install apps on it
iPhones and iPads: DJI no longer supports the iOS platform with their latest SDK
32 bits devices (such as Samsung A13, etc): DJI no longer provides 32 bit libraries


Still blown away by that move :exploding_head:

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That and their development code precludes the apps in Googles Play Store.

DJIs software development structures and standards are absolutely abysmal.

Does this install on the RC Pro controller?