Litchi Timelapse Test

The more I play about Litchi the less I use GO4.

Todays little experiment was timelapse (practice for a later project). Parked the Drone 45m away 45m up and set it taking a 16:9 jpeg every 2 seconds (500 in total over about 17 minutes), then got home and ‘stitched’ them together into a 25fps video. Not a bad result, bit of movement, so I’ll have to work on that.

The site is the location of the Selby Rail Crash of 2001 when a guy drove off the M62 (lane nearest us in the video) and his car got stuck on the main east coast line, derailing the Newcastle to London express and a freight train, killing 10 people. Wiki Details

Comments as always welcome


I liked the train whizzing by at 300mpg at 0:16 :smiley:

The video is perhaps a little too fast for a time lapse?

Yeah, you know, like you do kinda thing… :rofl:

The more I read about Litchi the more I think I should be using it as my default / go-to app…

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If you use premiere, try warp stabiliser and it should smooth out the movement nicely.


The Mavic isn’t the Starship Enterprise you know :slight_smile:

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Mine is :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Davinci Resolve has a stabiliser, too! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Scotty … The Engineer”! :rofl:

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@callum @OzoneVibe Thanks for the stabilisation tip, I had a little read and ‘fixed’ it in FCPX one button fix (tripod mode), no messing needed.

Better result


#DogsBollox!! :+1: