Llandulas area, near Abergele, Wales

Hi Guys,

Just got Mini 2 flymore package.Im off to Wales in July and was wondering if anyone has any good spots to fly around Llandulas area near Abergele…
On checking caravan site drones are not aloud but does anyone know the correct rules if I am able to maybe takeoff out of the caravan site and still take aerial view of the site

Many Thanks

Dave …

Welcome to GADC, @Dstirlo / Dave.

Chances are there will be a member that knows that area who can assist who will respond.

Also - check dronescene.co.uk to see if any locations in that area have been posted.

Hiya Dave

I’ve flown around Rhyl harbour before now, and followed one of the fishing boats as it left it’s moorings. There’s the beach beside it, or as I did, sit on one of the benches on the reserve and fly from there. Nobody bothered me at all, and there’s a coffee shop by the harbour itself where you can refill yourself. You could fly from any of the beaches from Prestatyn down to Colwyn Bay and beyond, or go the other way and you could fly the Duke of Lancaster fun boat just outside Flint.
There’s also Ruddlan castle by the side of the river, lots of parking nearby including the park by the castle, and a small retail park with an Aldi.

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Many thanks for all that info .I just hope the weather is kind when I go :scream::pray::pray:

Thanks for the information.I will check that site out …