Llysdinam Garden, Powys

My first ever drone video to be inflicted upon the public. I’m rubbish at this stuff and not sure if I’ve done it correctly but decided to give it a go anyway. I’m sure someone will put me right if I haven’t. New -ish to drones but had a mini 2 given to me as a birthday present then a mini 4 for Christmas. This is one of my first mini 4 flights over Llysdinam garden in Powys before it wakes up for the year. I want to make the same trip once a month (if only the weather would cooperate) over a year to capture the garden and surrounding area through the seasons, then merge them into one video. As it stands, this single flight is not particularly inspiring so thought I’d mess with it in Davinci Resolve to give it an early, vintage feel. I’ve learned a lot if nothing else. Have a long way to go though to achieve anything like the videos on this site.


I’ve failed to do a video yet, :sweat_smile:
My opinion, if you would have left the video as just the colour version & not mixed it with the vintage look, I’d say could have been even better for your first attempt ! ( good attempt regardless tho )
Also remember we all had to start somewhere & everyday is a learning day just stick at it & eventually it will all come together, some have the knack built in them & for some just takes that little more patience / persistence, thanks for sharing & keep going …. :blush: