Local rag uses my pics from face ache

After a glorious weekend with lots of opportunities to capture the kite festival and stick pictures on face ache our local rag contacted me for some copies.
Of course for a fee. And accreditation.



Well done.

How much did you charge for the pix? :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

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So that was your DJI hovering in front of the sausage & chips before speeding off towards the sea?

Nosy… :wink:

Yeah who much @stevesb Steve? :grinning:

I was simply enquiring to ascertain whether the rates for North western regional publications differ markedly from the ones here in the South East and the Capital.


Seriously, it would be good to have a consensus on how much to ask for on such occasions so that no-one loses out by overpricing and not being accepted or underpricing and dragging the rates down for subsequent photographers.

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Let’s get the cartel rolling.

Agree though, most sectors of business discuss prices and charging rates with each other on some level. We generally do this kind of thing on a freelance/self-employed basis so we should be aiming to actually establish market rates.

Could well have been. I normally get my shots then clock up some miles.

£15 per photo but i retain copyright and ownership, it was a portfolio of 20 shots un edited. There were some much better shots in the portfolio than those but hey, their choice.I

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£300 for nothing.

Congratulations, maybe @Crackerjack will see them wrapping his next lot of chips

There’s no paper big enough to wrap my size portion

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By the way, how did you get yourself spotted for this through Faceache? Or was it just luck?

I’d guess tagging, they approach me all the time for freebies , I tell them to get f**cked, I even told the Mail the same recently after money offers on principal ;o)


Submitted stuff before, used to send them low res images asking if they were interested in the high res versions but never got much luck so gave up. They messaged me asked if i was going to be there this weekend and could i do a set.
So i guess although i gave up, previous persistence paid off in the end.