Lock down golden hour of Hull

Some amazing spots to fly in Kingston upon Hull from Bando’s to one of the many parks …


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Awesome Many thanks dude …

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Hi Zilla iam in Hull and new to drones were did you fly from looks a good place to do my 1 st flight many thanks Carl

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Hi buddy nice to meet you it was at Alderman Kneeshaw fields i have started to post the places we fly here

I also help run a facebook group TinywhoopHull We are a very active friendly group we all own bigger quads to and once this lock down has finished we will be back out more and more. if you need any help just drop me a msg buddy.

Hi @Zilla edited your post for you. If you post ‘most’ links in the a line of their own with no spaces you get a nice one link preview like the above is now.


Cheers dude :slight_smile: :grin:

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