Lockdown timelapse in my garden

Decided to have a go at doing a timelapse in my garden the other night as it was getting dark. Used the hyperlapse feature on my Mavic 2 Pro and set it up in a static position. Seemed to work pretty well


I might try one of these I never have but you have given me inspiration to do it!

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I live in a NFZ Stevenage near Luton Airport. I normally see the route all the flights take into the airport which is at an angle far away from my back garden at least 1 or 2 miles and at a height above 500 feet I would think. No there are much less plains in the sky I have noticed flights crossing the sky in totally different routes that they used to and it’s frustrating I can’t bloody fly. Will the CAA issue a refund or extend our year for our licence and test etc etc as we are not getting value for money even if it is peanuts.
I also seen a very large RAF plane flying very loudly and low around the Stevenage area twice in fact anybody any ideas what’s going on during this lock down.

Im not really sure, it’s a good point though

Hi Dave, it was a C17 from Brize Norton, training at Luton. If you look at Luton Airport on Twitter, they have posted a video of it

Cheers mate :ok_hand:

Nice idea. What settings did you use? Did you use auto because of the changing light conditions? We have some amazing sunsets behind our back garden and was looking forward to photographing them without getting the hedge in. Your effort has now given me the idea of capturing the whole event.

Thanks @Mavic2Pro, I used manual settings for it and on purposely under-exposed it to get the dark black shadows and keep the details in the sky. I took into account that it would get darker and had the sky slightly brighter than I wanted it to start with.

I think if you use manual settings the end of the timelapse ends up looking dark and underexposed which actually strengthens the effect of the light changing from light to dark

Thank you for that. I will give it a try when we next get a decent sunset.

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I really liked this.
You could try it on flower plants opening & closing…

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Anyone any idea why I can’t play this video, both on pc and samsung tablet?. I can download it and it plays.
I have this problem on some other videos as well.