Long Exposure Experiment

A couple of shots to see how steady things are on my Mini2. One of the shots is 4 seconds ( the maximum ), one slightly shorter I think. Not bad. Weather was calm, slight breeze, lots of fog.


Black Dam … that junction has changed a tad over the 53+ years I’ve been driving past it.

These pics also add the Night Flyer Badge to your profile. :+1:

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:slight_smile: Indeed! Yes the newish Hamburger design has caused a few raised eyebrows and a number of low speed impacts due to its slightly unusual layout.

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Cool thank you!

It was a bit of a trial of both the long exposure capability and a small Strobon standalone ( err, self contained / velcroed thing ) strobe. The the strobe was super and I could see the drone ( or the flashing LED ) far better than in the day. So I have taken to flying daylight flights with it too. I guess I need to check the mass of the whole thing now…

There was no M3, and hamburgers almost weren’t a thing, when I drove past there the first time.
It was just a small roundabout.
Being no M3, I was up and down the A30 from Dorset to London several times a month … and for the many years until the M3 reached the A303 junction only.

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I can handle no M3 but a world without Hamburgers is a world I don’t want to know :astonished: :grin: