Long exposures which filter

I would like to do some long exposures shots on my DJI Mavic 2 which nd filter do I need nd1000 or nd2000 which one will give me more flexibility

Higher the better, but keep an eye on the ISO.

Bit of trial and error probably needed

Polar Pro do an app that works as a calculator, might be worth a look

Ok thanks

depends how bright it is and how much movement you want in the image

this shot was about 10 seconds with an nd 8 I think, never shot anything with an nd1000


Indeed, this.

Even an ND64 on a really bright (for Scotland) day last month left a river silky smooth, which wasn’t what I was looking for at all. Ended up with a 16, which gave me around a second of exposure.

Not going to share it here after that cracker though! :wink:


That’s a nice photo lee I have got nd 4,8,16 filters at the moment will try with them first


unless its midday and harsh light more than a 16 is a lot. only other thing is gradient filter if you’re shooting landscaped

Especially for drone to keep still

Ok thanks for that information