Look what DJI have just released 10th November 2017

From my neighbour - the latest (?) incarnation of the Mavic Pro:

Would you want a pure white Mavic?

Absolutely not!!

A pure white mavic would be horrendous IMO

It’ll match the Alpine White Spark they already make.

Wonder if they’re going to make more Mavic colours?

Any idea if this is a “standard” Mavic under the hood? Or a white Platinum?

I’ll wait till my neighbour gets home from work and see if he knows. Can’t understand why DJI haven’t formally announced it yet!

Funny, not listed on the DJI site yet

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an apple exclusive model only available from Apple stores. Purely basing that on the colour!!

I’ve seen numerous videos on YouTube from people putting across opinions that Apple may be in the process of ‘acquiring’ DJI.

Grey or Platinum, but not White or ‘Alpine White’! I was going to wait for the Platinum, but got the ‘standard’ Mavic Pro. This is plenty good enough for me, will out fly me any day!

Want a different colour? Bang on a wrap :slight_smile:

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By the look of the Blades the look like the Older Standard Pro Blades

I am not keen on the White Body . though I really do like The Mavic Pro Platinum

theres nothing about it on goggle either. Very weird. I dont like it in white but I liked my P3A in white. Thanks for sharing

I still can’t find anything about an Alpine White Mavic Pro!

@BCF you’ll have to send a GADC invite to your neighbour :smiley:

@PingSpike - albeit he’s a gadget man he’s definitely not a Drone man. He said that they had a delivery where he works - maybe they’re an Apple-DJI specific model.

I’d almost put money on it Barry… Apple have enough clout to request (demand??) a model of their own eh :slight_smile:

Did he say of they were for sale to the public? Perhaps something promotional?

Intrigued… please keep us posted if you hear any more :+1:

My source informs me that they are about to have a big delivery of various items ready for a vision-type reveal day later this week.
The Mavics are real, boxed and sealed, currently 7 in stock but not yet available to the public. Maybe the reason for this is to wait for their ‘reveal’ day earlier this week.

That day, is today!

Even the remote control is white :open_mouth:

Limited edition too - wonder how long the stock levels will last?

And don’t forget folks - you heard it here first :smiley:


Damned straight!

Excellent tip off @BCF :clap:t2:

Keep ‘em comin’ :smiley:

Anyone here planning on buying one??

On the Apple Store UK it says they are only available at Apple and provide next day delivery - but they are also on the DJI Store with delivery 5-7 days after payment has cleared! :thinking:

Does this mean that DJI have restricted themselves to selling these white Mavics through Apple? Is this the forerunner of the rumoured DJI buyout by Apple?

Interesting times in Droneland methinks :thinking::smirk::roll_eyes:

On The DJI Web Site It shows the Mavic Alpine White Combo £1,149 Inclusive of 3 X Intelligent Flight Batteries

The Mavic Pro Fly More Combo-£1,359 Inclusive of 3 X Intelligent Flight Batteries

Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo £1,459 Inclusive of 3 X Intelligent Flight Batteries

Image Via DJI Store

But this New release dose not come with the New DJI Mavic Pro Low Noise Propellers 8331 or the ESC Upgrade. So In My Eyes It may not come withe the additions On the Mavic Pro Platinum Upgraded Spec.
I would not pick this Over the Mavic Pro Platinum with its Upgraded Spec, even with the DJI Web Site It shows the Mavic Alpine White Combo at £310 Lass than the New Mavic Pro Platinum with Upgraded Spec. As Much as I am really frustrated by the long wait I still feel I got a Great Deal on my DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. I just wish DJI would speed up My Order Before Releasing A Limited Edition Christmas Model like the DJI Mavic Alpine White Combo

“Can You Not Tell I Am Getting More Stressed Waiting On My Mavic Arriving” :rage:


DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo

ONLY AT THE APPLE STORE What’s in the Box For £1,149.00 With Free Next Day Shipping

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White aircraft with propellers
Remote controller and RC cable
Two Intelligent Flight Batteries
Charger and power cable
Three pairs of propellers
Mavic aircraft sleeve
16GB MicroSD card and micro USB cable
Gimbal clamp and protector
Quick start guide

squashed bugs are really going to show on that white body!

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