Looking for a link to the app

Hi, just been cued to begin this. It’s on my laptop atm., not on my phone where I want it.

Hi Simon there isn’t a DroneScene App. All you need to do is tap the 3 lines icon in the top right of your phone screen next to your photo.

Then select Drone Scene from the list

Log into Drone Scene using your GADC Username and Password. Then just create a shortcut on your home screen. On Android you just select the 3 dots in the top right corner and select ‘Add to homescreen’. This might be slightly different on apple devices though


You might not have to do this as DS should recognise you’re logged into GADC and log yiu in automatically

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Ah cool is this new Chris? I’m pretty sure I had to login the first time I used it? :thinking:

Use the share button at the bottom of your safari window then add to Home Screen

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January last year

I must have not logged out since then :man_facepalming: lol cheers

I was trying from my mobile rather than the laptop, hence all the problems with logging in and requests about a two-way logging in. I’ll register on the phone and take it from there.

Thank you for all responses, chaps. All read and very helpful!

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I don’t see anything like that on my phone, has it been revamped recently?

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What phone are you using Simon?

iPhone 2020 SE?

Post a screen shot of what you see up the top right on your screen


It’s getting too late now, my brain’s a pudding! I’ll have a look tomorrow if that’s alright. Thank you for your efforts tonight.


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