Looking for a tablet...and mount (Now ordered...details in thread)

I think I want a tablet…preferably android…and 10" :slight_smile:
Any current recommendations?
(Oh, and I’m happy with a cheap one as I may just use it for the MP)

Good screen as in resolution is more important to me.

Any recommendations? Even specs I should be looking for?

I guess GPS will be important.

Anyway…I also want a tablet mount for it to fit the MP.

Gimme ideas guys!

(2nd hand is not a problem)

I’ve been offered one of these…virtually new…for £70


Spec is listed as:
10.1” inch Android Tablet PC Quad Core - 1GB RAM + 16GB Memory, 256GB External Storage - HD 1024x600, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI, GPS - Sky Go, Netflix, Amazon Video Prime Tablet.

I doubt the 3g but I’d wifi to my phone hotspot anyway.

Good? Bad? So-so?

The specs look ideal for drone use, I’d say it’s worth a punt for £70 quid mate :slight_smile:

What kind of mount are you after? There are literally loads to choose from!

There’s a MavMount v3 on ebay at the moment, not sure if that’s what you want, or indeed of your budget?


10 inch and a mount I’ve done it wiith iPad and also had iPad mini never happy needed also fit a sun shade as screen was not bright enough but these are useless imo. did a search and seen alot of people used nexus 7 2013 tablet, I bought one for £30 from eBay, stripped it back so only Google apps and only use it for the Mavic.

Since using the nexus 7 I’ve been very happy as the screen is much brighter higher nits compared to most and no need for sunshade or mount as it will fit to controller arms also 2 gig memory I think really helps.

I have a backup phone I use a oneplus5t fast and bright but always use nexus as it’s so easy.

Crystalsky be my dream setup but costly, I will be going away from tablet when I take the plunge and buy a moverio bt-300

This will give you some help.

Mavmount looks a good bit of kit…but not cheap.
I’ll probably find a cheapo on ebay and try that first.

I never look at the controllers screen, just my phone, so if it obscures that I’m not bothered.
(Obviously I’ll change my view on that when the app crashes lol)

Also, I’ve seen loads of unbranded tablets on ebay for under £80 so i may just plump for one of those.
They seem to be similar specs…

I’m still open to comments re: the above and other tablet advice though!

Just got this for £56 from Marionville Models

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That’s a quality looking mount!

Thanks for the replies guys.

My GF has leapt into the issue and has very kindly ordered me a tablet :slight_smile:
This one:

Hopefully it will be ideal…It’s main use will be for the MP so It should do well…

I needed a mount too so I opted for this one:


Will certainly get me up and running and I’ll give feedback on both items once I’ve had a play.

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fantastic specs if true as i dont want to dampen things but i would look at the negative feedback from seller.

if you took the plunge goodluck and hopefully you give us a review. wonder what the NITS be on these yoke.