looking for people around Milton Keynes

Hi guys, I’m new on this group. I’m using a Mavic Air and also a FPV drone. I’m always flying alone and I’m looking for new mate to fly with.
Let me know if you live near Milton Keynes and see you soon !

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plenty of us around the midlands an hour or so north of you.

some of us don’t get out flying as much these days but I’m sure you’d be more than welcome to come along to a meet :+1:t2:


Hiya mate I’m in Houghton Regis, Dunstable. Are you looking for locations to fly?

It’s more to meet new people to fly with because it’s boring to fly alone ahah. But yes if you have nice locations to fly I take it :wink:

Plenty of area’s around the outskirts of MK if your mobile, look at the lakes at Brogborough, off a421. Old brickworks at Stewartby site of the old chimneys. Best time for that is early morning or evenings.
Houghton house ruins just outside Ampthill.
Old church ruins at Ridgmont. There’s always new places being added to the “where can i fly map”.

I’m in MK, not a lot of chance for flying recently though tbh. Hope to do more though whilst there’s some evening light.

Best tip - Bury Field in Newport Pagnell has an ‘official’ landing strip. Mostly used by fixed wing pilots but several people also fly quads there and no one is sniffy at all.


Saturday / Sunday mornings and Tuesday / Thursday evenings usually sees at least a couple of people there if the weather is playing friendly.



Yup, I was there Saturday morning for 20 mins or so:

Not the most exciting place to fly an FPV quad but nice for smooth cruising.


Hi guys, just seen this chat and I am in need of help getting my flywoo explorer set up, with the binding process. There has been a lengthy discussion on here I set up a group called flywoo explorer set up so if anyone feels they could help me and your local or in Milton Keynes I would very much appreciate it.

Many thanks