Looking for recomendations for a Drone for a newbie!


GDPR is more for storage of data.

CCTV cameras are similar, they should only capture your own property and if you are capturing the public road for instance you should only keep the data for an acceptable period normally a few weeks.

Slightly different with a drone as we have the 50m rule which is purely privacy related. You shouldnt really be flying within 50m of your neighbours property without permission. I’m guessing it’s this that the permission is for.


A great starter drone id recommend is either a DJI SPARK or DJI MAVIC PRO both should cost you well less than a grand (around £500-600), but both are great drones. Check out the for sales adds on this site or have a look through Ebay. Search for options suck as the “fly more kit”, that way your get extra batteries and many other goodies. Either of those drones you can buy use for a year and resell once again… a cheap but food introduction to the hobby,