Lost Tinyhawk 2 Oakwood Derby

Hi all, sorry to be a pain unfortunately we lost our drone today 25/2/22 in OAKWOOD DERBY (tinyhawk 2) our first outdoor flight, what a plank, took off got a bit high & the wind blew it away, the Wife Denise is not very pleased with me, if anyone hears anything we would be very grateful. Thankyou Jon :mage: :owl:


Sorry to here that, hope you get it back. Have you put a card in the newsagents?

Thanks looks like it has been found on Facebook. Just wait to here fr3 the lady to get back in touch. Fingers crossed. Thanks again. Jon & denise​:owl::man_mage:



Thanks been in touch with the lady who found it, should be getting it back today, thanks again. Jon & Denise :owl::man_mage:

That sounds promising, I hope you’re reunited soon and the drone is still in good condition.

I label mine with my phone number, in addition to the operator ID. Touch wood I’ve not had to rely on the kindness of strangers to locate a drone, although I did recently drop my keys at my TOAL point, and was saved thanks to a tracker I have as a key ring and the kindness of strangers.

Not many places to stick anything to a TH though :frowning:

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Very small writing, i wouldn’t be able to read it myself. LOL. Thanks to all now FOUND thanks to a very nice lady. Anna found it in her back garden, then posted on Facebook, we think we have been very lucky. Jon & Denise :owl: :man_mage:

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Just found some photos online. I see the challenge now! :blush: