Lowepro Droneguard BP200 case

I’ve always been a Lowepro fanboy, I’ve been using a Slingshot Edge 150AW until they released the Droneguard BP200 which is simply the perfect bag for the Mavic. More Computers have it for sale for £70 delivered which is £25 off RRP… I ordered yesterday morning and it arrived this morning by DPD.



Here’s what’s in it, comfortably…

Nice case! :+1:

I’ve never used a Lowepro but everywhere I look they get great reviews.

Where you have the glasses at the bottom, does the weight of the Mavic sag down a bit?

Sounds like More Computers are on the ball too!

Not that I’ve noticed Rich but the Moverios have the Rochester Optical Solitaire Ace enclosure on which is pretty tough so even if it does it won’t affect them. Lowepro also make an identical but slightly larger backpack, the BP250, but the cheapest I can find that in the UK is £130 atm.

Btw, the (cheap) mount for the CS is really good, I paid £30 for it in the UK but you can get them much cheaper from China/eBay. The base and arms are made of aluminium so it’s tough and once locked on it’s rock steady and pretty light too.

Hi mate. What are those glasses? Can You compare to dji goggles?


They are Epson Moverio BT300 glasses, see here: https://www.epson.co.uk/products/see-through-mobile-viewer/moverio-bt-300

Basically, they take the place of your phone or tablet and allow you to see your drone as well as displaying Go4 (Litchi possibly, not tried yet) in a window so you can keep LOS if you want or you can fit the Rochester Optical Solitaire Ace enclosure which can be totally blacked out for goggle type fpv. They don’t do head tracking but they are awesome…

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How has the bag held up over the few months you’ve now had it?

Was thinking of getting one.

Well, let me tell you a story… Much like Rich, I am a self confessed accessory-holic. :weary:

A couple of days after posting this, I decided that this was a little snug for all the kit that I lug about so I returned this and ordered its larger brother, the BP250 (see below, MP & MA fits it ok). They’re identical apart from size so I’ve been using that since December and it’s great, no quality issues whatsoever and it’s really convenient to open it up and have everything laid out in front of you.

Having now sold my MP, this is overkill for the MA so yesterday I bought a Lowepro Tahoe BP150 and it’s just the right size for the MA and all the kit plus it was half the price at £50, I’ll post a photo up later. I actually think this would be ok for the MP depending upon what other kit you put in there, it’s probably not quite the same quality as the Droneguards but still plenty good enough.

So the Droneguard BP250 has been temporarily retired pending the arrival of the MP2. :slight_smile:

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I was intending to carry the mavic, ipad mini, 3 batteries and 2 sets of filters. Action camera, handheld gimbal and a Sony A6000.

The BP250 might be a better bet.

Does the backpack have a rigid inner or purely padding?

Yes, I think that the 250 would be better for that lot although it would fit in the 200. It has padded semi rigid sides and back and the lid has a rigid centre panel. It’s a well thought out quality backpack.

This is the Tahoe BP150.


That Tahoe BP150 is a nice size. Perfect for air.

One last question lol. On the BP250, in the top section is there enough room to carry 1 or 2 water bottles. 600 or 750ml.

Glad I’m not alone, we should set up “Accessories Anonymous:rofl:

These Lowepro cases look the dogs! :+1:

I’ve got a Lowepro bags for my Nikon gear, Mavic gear and now my Inspire. It’s the best out there.

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It’s got an expanding side pocket, one each side, for bottles, better than risking a leak inside the bag…


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Let me know how you get on with the BP250. I’m in much the same boat - desperately looking for The Perfect Bag, which I’m beginning to think doesn’t exist.

I travel a lot, so I want to get the whole lot in one bag that meets airline carry on rules. I need to carry Mavic Pro, fly more combo, a boat load of accessories, iPad Pro,Sony a6000 and 3 lenses, cables as batteries etc for that, a load of ND grads & housings, GoPro Hero 5, gimbal, external mic, tripod, monopod.

I want it to all fit in one bag that fits under an airline seat. Not sure that’s going to work realistically.

I’ve not ordered yet but leaning to the viewpoint BP250. Can get mavic in bottom section and top looks spacious enough for iPad mini, a6000 and yi4k & gimbal.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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They’re out of stock. :stuck_out_tongue:

Incidentally … the BP250 in your pic looks very different to the one in LowePro’s website …



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That’s the drone guard BP250. My pic is the viewpoint BP250.

Pretty confusing they are both called BP250.

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I confess confusion! :wink: :+1:

Looks good … as many of them do … but they don’t suit my modus operandi.

Tho I keep looking.

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I can’t really seem to decide on one. I can get all the equipment in one of these but I’d be leaving all the other stuff I’d normally take in a day pack.

Might just have to choose to take either mavic or cameras on longer trips.

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