. LRF files? What's the point? 🤷‍♂️

When I updated the Avata a few weeks back, after taking it out for a spin and then going to empty my SD card, I found some new files… LRF extension?

Can anyone throw any light on why these files have decided to start taking up space on my card?

Info already found includes they will play as a lower res file as an mp4 in VLC player, and also they can be used as proxy files in some post software.

But seriously, have they any purpose?

Also, they don’t appear on my cards for the 2S and M3P, even though all f/w is up to date.


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LRF = Low Resolution File

I am yet to update mine, so don’t yet see these. Not sure why they’ve done this. They also appear on the DJI Pocket 2. I just delete them as they are useless.

Cheers Chris👍. I know that part was self explanatory, I just couldn’t and still can’t figure out what the idea is behind them.

I do the same as you, delete. And I have big enough cards that they don’t impact storage really, but if I’ve been out and taken a shed load of footage, man they take up a chunk of the card, I was under the impression DJI had/have a masterplan for them.

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On my Pocket 2, the LRFs are used for previewing the clips on the small screen. I am pretty sure they have the same purpose in the goggles :+1: The quality is that low that they cannot be used for anything in post, so I don’t retain these - only the raw footage.


So I have goggles files, which are useful, raw files that I want and then some low res stuff which I couldn’t (not like I would try, or want to) use as proxy files. I just read about someone using them that way in a post

Thanks again Chris :+1:

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So today the only files that will play when opening the sd card folder are the LRF files the mp4 just plays but is horrendous and breaks up .I switched the tab to MOV and its just the same .Tried a few sd cards but just the same even tried my other pc which was the same .Also tried the tele lens at 7x and its also plays the LRF files fine but not the MP4/Mov files .Am i missing something here ?

Moved your post over to an existing thread on lrf files … keeps all the info in one place. :+1:

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