Luce Bay Timelapse

Finally a break in the weather, got out for a couple of hours.
Timelapse looking out from Loch Elrig towards Luce Bay. To the right you can see the Mull of Galloway and to the left the Isle of Man.

Drone : Mini 3 Pro
Music by Eric @EricMatyas :heart:


Nice work quite relaxing.

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Very nice.

I have not tried a time-lapse yet. How fine a line is it between having enough wind to get enough cloud movement and having too much wind that the drone gets bumped around too much?

Thanks Dave.

The Mini 3 Pro is a bit susceptible to wind (plus mine seems to wander slightly, may need a calibration). The wind this morning was 3mph at 100m altitude for the first battery but got up to around 8mph for the last one. You can stabilise in post but Iā€™m still learning that in DaVinci.
The preferred drone of mine is the Air 2S, that sits as stable as a rock.