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So our PC has seen better days and seems to struggle with the simplest of tasks, so I was considering lumafusion on my iPhone X, I realise it my be a bit cumbersome editing on the phone but it’s more powerful than our PC, plus we may upgrade our iPad to a pro, which is more powerful than a lot of laptops and I just just move luma on to that new device.

So anyone used lumafusion or any other suggestions?

Pinging @BCF and @Jcborden

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I use it every week,on the iPad Pro. I have t used it on the iPhone. It really is the only app worth having for video editing on iOS and does a fantastic job. If you’ve watched any of my recent videos they were all done in LumaFusion.

It offers lots of advanced features including some key framing options, speed, exposure and colour control and above all it is FAST, faster than editing on my maxed out iMac!


Thanks, how are you getting the videos from the card to the device? Are you using an lightening card reader?

Yes, using the lightning SD card reader which is USB 3 as is the iPad Pro (both 10.5 and 12.9) so import speeds are good, although you might want a reasonable capacity iPad.

When using video from the photos app, Luma doesn’t import (copy) just uses them directly so is pace efficient, but if you delete from photos it will be missing from Luma. You can also import from most cloud services and that will copy to Luma.


I don’t use it every week but when I find time I find that LumaFusion works very well with my IPad Pro just as @Jcborden says.

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I don’t have a pc so have been using iMovie for editing, easy to do and results are ok.
Was wondering if anyone else is using lumafusion on a iPad Pro 11 ? Is it worth the expense and any info would be helpful.

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I use it on iPad 11, it’s well worth it in my opinion, I use a pencil also. Lots of good tutorials on YouTube and in the help section of the app. Once you see what it’s capable of you won’t look back

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Yes I’ve had a look at some of the videos on YouTube and was impressed by the features, just wanted someone that uses it ? Thanks for the feedback.:+1:

Nice accolade:

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I have had many a discussion previously on editing so sorry to ask this but unfortunately my MacBook Pro just isn’t up to it anymore and certain things can’t be used or greyed out and unusable on the Mac since apple have stopped updating earlier macs , so I’ll keep this short , im not going to buy a new Mac yet and was wondering if anyone uses or has had first hand experience with luma fusion on iOS ?
Just watched some tutorials on it and it looks good so was looking for some thoughts as this may have to be a go too for now I know it’s personal preference it doesn’t look overly complicated either , appreciate just a yes or no if possible and would be very grateful , many thanks

Probably good as any, and 4.8 average rating with 4.3k ratings, probably is.

I’d spend a while reading reviews from various sources and also concentrate on negative reviews on App Store, they often are more honest than glowing praises.

Have you tried iMovie or compared the features between the two?

Yes tried that on my mid 2012 MacBook Pro my I phone I movie is actually smoother believe it or not , also I have noticed which I like photos on the Mac in the application now you cannot edit your movies which you once could ( all is greyed out ) as a beginner it’s a good starting point for myself ( photo app on Mac ) but now useless for videos as said above , my Mac is great for my music so I don’t really want to change that , so my thoughts are now on I pad pro 11 inch 2022 M2 chip and just use that to try and create photos and movies thanks for replying :+1:t2:

Edit sorry , also it’s really jittery when trying different speed settings within I movie unless I’m doing something wrong but it does not like H265 codec

Can definitely recommend LumaFusion on IPad Pro M1. Fast rendering and smooth work flow. My only issue is the lack of audio scrubbing. This makes it much more awkward to sync sounds to the video track when you need accuracy of placement.:+1:

Hello All

Anyone using LumaFusion for editing ifso is it worth the price?

I’m using Lumafusion on my iPad Mini 6 (256Gb storage) and transfer media from the drone and controller cards via a Targus Hyperdrive USB-C 6-in-1 Hub which also allows me to feed power into the iPad Mini at the same time. I’ve found that using my Apple Pencil 2 is pretty much mandatory when dealing with frame-level work. I did my first “serious” video editing session yesterday and condensed 30 minutes of video clips into a 10 minute movie, adding an audio track as well.

Overall, it seems to be very quick and handles whatever I throw at it. There’s quite a learning curve (for me) but the portability of the iPad Mini 6 and LumaFusion ensures that I can edit video practically anywhere.

It is, for serious video work, especially if you need to do lots of complex edits. If you’re using an iPad, you could also look at the more lightweight Superimpose V app. I use both.