Lyme Sea Front

A visit down to Lyme Regis for fish and chips on the sea front not without my trusty friend, M2P :+1:t4: Enjoy

Some stills:


Brave stuff over the water. Really like the boat overhead too.

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Thank you mate, I have full trust in the Mavic :grimacing: that’s what I keep telling myself anyway :rofl:

My only “criticism” of the vid, that music.

I’m no music maestro, that’s for sure. “Musically dyslexic” has been a term friends have used for me.

But one hears that on just so many vids … as soon as it kicks in - I switch off.

Great vid … when muted, though! :wink: :+1:

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Thank you Dave, much appreciated. Yes music can put a lot of people off, I personally like music with videos. Only certain types though, some can be really irritating. :tired_face:

I certainly don’t mind music … even though I’m always at a loss as to what to add to any video. That track falls into your last phrase, for me.

Chances are there have been over 50 vids posted to GADC with the exact same track. LOL!

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