Lytham Promenade


You know you can make them appear here as an interactive image? … though full screen won’t work (it takes you to the Kuula site tho) …

That way, you can enter it in the Treasure Hunt as a Windmill! :+1::+1:

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I am a complete newbie, how do you make an interactive image?. I struggled putting the link in. :wink:


In Kuula, go to share (as you probably did) select “embed” from the options, select HTML, it creates the link for you (bottom left) that you can highlight, copy, and paste into here.
There are some other options to select before copying the link, where you want their logo (I usually select top left so it’s in the sky) and a couple of other things (I forget, I’m out and about).
Shout if you need any more help when I’m home later! :+1:




Thanks mate.

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Now you can post it in the Treasure Hunt Comp thread! :slight_smile:

That’s a quality pano!

What app did you capture with?

Thanks Callum.
Captured with DJI Go App and then the Jpeg loaded into Kuula.

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Nice pics - a pity so much of the southern Fylde coast is out-of-bounds for drones thanks to the presence of Blackpool Airport and BAe Warton, leaving just a narrow slice around Lytham flyable