Lytham St Anne's beach

Im home this week and looking at the weather for Thursday afternoon 19th January, looking good for the Fylde coast Thursday afternoon and taking my Dji mini 2 for a first training flight on St annes beach or anywhere safe to fly in the area.
If anyone has any information or experience in this area please give me a shout.


StAnnes falls within Blackpool Airport’s FRZ, so no flying there I’m afraid

You’re OK anywhere north of Central Pier, and there’s a small gap between Blackpool and Warton’s FRZs on Lytham Green

Blackpool are the most drone-friendly ATC we’ve ever come across.

Give them a ring (phone number can be found on Drone Scene), they’ll very likely grant you permission.

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You’ll need to unlock to fly in the short stretch of Lytham promenade that the CAA openly permit, it’s included in the DJI Geo zone overlay :frowning:

Thanks for the info. So if i fly on Lytham green around the windmill area will i need to inform Blackpool and Warton ATC?

@Russ2116 if you’ve got a DJI drone then DJI won’t even let you take off in the red FRZ area without having first obtained the correct permissions.

If you want to fly in these red areas, you’ll need to contact the respective ATC.

Won’t that be the case for the limited open stretch of promenade? Add the DJI overlay, it extends over that land.

Or rather, DJI will ask for confirmation you have permission, even though it’s not needed.

Take a trip up to Cleveleys you have Marys Shell their and Ogre and no restrictions

Thanks for all your support and tomorrow 12pm i will be having my maiden flight at Cleveleys beach :grinning:

If for any reason you can’t use the beach ( e.g. wind ) there’s a couple of sports fields not far away which I often use

Your message has arrived in time, had toncancel flight for the beach due to wind gusts at time of proposed flight. I will have a looknat the location you sent me, many thanks :blush:

Just checked the weather for the location at the parks in Bispham and there will be wind gusts between 27 and 28 mph.
I have never flown my mini 2 and feeling a little apprehensive to fly ?

I’m a couple of miles North of those fields, and what wind there is is very light here

Thanks, i will head up there in a couple of hours :+1:

First flight, keep it low, keep it slow.

Yes i will, just simple slow low maneuvers to get used to joysticks and practice reverse axis. Will be doing this for a few flights before starting playing with camera

It’s 3 years since I first used the Fly app but I’m sure for the first flight it launches in a training mode with distance and height restrictions.

Wish me luck, just having my lunch then heading to the park, quite nervous and excited :blush:

Good luck on yr first flight @Russ2116 :clap:t2:

I took off and had a 10 minute fly before the rain hit me, landed safely and packed away. Try again tomorrow as weather is looking better for Friday, but at least i took off flew a few circuits practicing some moves.
Wind was gusting 28mph and the mini 2 handled it well, very impressed with the stability and ease of the controls :grinning:

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