M2 Multi-Charger (Yangers)

I have the charger with the fly more kit, but it only charges one battery at a time, choosing the least empty battery to charge first then the others sequentially.

What with the carp weather we have lately it would help to be able to charge my 3 batteries all at the same time, so as to be able to quickly nip out when there is a weather window

I found this one at Amazon:


Are these chargers safe to use with the DJI intelligent batteries?, anyone used them?

Best I can say is check similar product reviews
Don’t seem to have one for that particular charger

See this thread.


Thax for the reply MM, so basicly the one that blew smoke is a different model and the one I linked to is what you had.

The earthing problem is not a worry for me, easy fix.
My main reason for questioning them is how they actually treat the batteries, have you had any problems?, over-under charging?, shortened battery life?

I’m fairly experienced with handling LiPo batteries and have some high quality balance chargers, but I’ve no idea of what the requirements are for charging these packs which have unpublished built in electrickery so have to rely on others experience,

Thx for the help.

Both mine are Yangers and I’ve had no issues with them at all, I also wasn’t worried about the earthing issue as I put that in myself.
Both chargers for the P4 and MP charge all three batteries at the same time, I also charge the controllers with the batteries if needed with no issues.

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Thanks MementoMori, always prefer to get a an assesment of an genuine experienced operator, i dont trust the review sites


I have one of these chargers for my Mavic Pro, and I have been more than happy with it.
I did have to modify it to have an Earth point, but, it was a fairly easy fix to overcome the problem.


The way I understand DJI intelligent batteries is that they have the charge circuitry on board.

You supply them with X volts and they do the rest.

It’s not like a standard Lipo where your charger limits the current and charges to the correct voltage cut off.

The only problem I could see is if the charger is ouputing voltage out with the batteries specification.


This is the reason i’ve not bought one of these yet, I worry the supply will be dirty / poorly regulated or otherwise out of spec, I do need something to speed up charging though - it takes 6hours to charge up my 4 M2 batteries using the Hub :pensive:
What we need is a sparky with an oscilloscope and some free time… :wink:

@chrisjohnbaker you will have a lot of time really soon
But do you have an oscilloscope?

No, I haven’t I’m afraid.
I think one of my mates has though.

I run a 100W Phantom 4 charger in to an Advanced hub, it’ll charge three at the same time and the fourth one begins as soon as the first of the three complete (if that makes sense). It also charges the CS batteries (albeit one at a time) and the Mavic remote too.

More info re hubs: Differences between Mavic charging hubs explained

I’ve not seen a M2 battery in the flesh, are the connectors the same as the Mavic Pro? Or maybe theres an advanced hub for the MP2?

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I’ve had one of these Yx 3 port battery chargers for both of my Mavics…

The MP one had a loud fan, but works fantastically. The M2P one is a lot quieter and also works fantastically. These are both my go to chargers. Well worth the money. Both charge batteries faster than the charger that arrives in the box. Charge time is circa 1 hour depending on how much you have drained the battery.

They also include 2 USBs to charge tablet / phone and remote control.

With one of these chargers and 3 batteries, you can fly continuously one battery after the next (obviously landing to change between batteries. You also need to charge your remote as you fly from a power bank).

I cant advise on the internal electronics as I have not opened either of mine to have a look.

The M2P connector is different when comparing the MP and M2P. The MP has a reversible connector, however the M2P connector is not reversible. Also the battery voltage of the MP was 11.1V. The M2P operates on 14.8V.