M25 Queen Elizabeth bridge

Dartford river crossing (Queen Elizabeth ll bridge) was opened in October 1991
The structure has an overall length of 2.87km and carries four lanes of southbound traffic on the 9km link between the ends of the [M25 London Orbital motorway. Northbound traffic travels through the twin tunnels on the bridge’s west side.

The cable-stayed deck is carried by two pairs of steel and concrete masts 84m tall, which are founded on 53m high concrete piers below it. The deck, designed by German engineer Helmut Homberg, is a composite of structural reinforced concrete over steel, supported longitudinally by steel plate girders. Fifty-six pairs of cables do the supporting work. There is a minimum clearance of 57.5m above high water. I will go back and retake them when the weathers on my side


Nice shots Lez :ok_hand: I was thinking of taking photos of the QE Bridge for the RTF Bridge comp a couple of months back. Ended up struggling to find a take off point and was very new to drones back then so confidence wasn’t high. Might have to go back up there at some point and have another look :grin:

I’ve driven over it many times and managed to find parking I’ve included a picture of where to park and fly


Thanks for that Lez I will give it a go when I’m next up that way cheers :+1:t2:

wow thats really amazing shot

Thanks Johnny :+1:t2: