Flew this morning, at last. When in APAS mode, hands off, I get a slow rotation, clockwise direction. Nothing in the manual mentions. Any suggestions would be helpful.

What are you doing for that to happen?

just flying normally. Still checking out all the Air can do. Have not had the problem before.
Was trying video shoot in APAS. Everything else was normal. No messages and all correct responses except with hands off in APAS slow rotation in clockwise direction. Got in touch with DJI Support who I have found very supportive in the past and they recommended I calibrate IMU which I have done. Before I started it had 2 green dots and 2 very short green lines. After I had 4 green dots. Have not yet tried it out!

Well yes I would have suggested IMU calibration as well

tested after IMU calibration. All ok.

Did it help with the slow rotation?

It cured it I m pleased to say. Checked it out with and without attachments. Strobe. PYG Tech leg extenders and ok in all modes. Thanks for your interest

Perfect I’m glad that you were able to get it resolved