MA2 Firmware update struggle

Has anyone updated firmware v01.00.034 for the zoom on Mavic Air 2? For the life of me despite going into DJI Assist I cannot find it! Help please! Cheers.

Hi Rob - not quite sure what you are exactly looking for - are you looking for the firmware download, how to update or where the zoom feature is located on the drone ??

Go here.

It’s free for the MA2 to download firmware.
It will direct you to the software you require.

Just follow the prompts

Hello Jhdee, where to look & how to download the firmware is my problem.

Hello speatuk, thanks for the link. I went in but being a total numpty with such things I could not find the relevant link regards the firmware I need? Frustration !

In the DJIFLY app when it’s all powered up, go into about and check for updates


Hello Chris, still learning & getting confused in equal measure since you got me flying way back. So, since then I have gone from the Air to Air2 but this zoom firmware is eluding me. I have tried the ‘check for updates’ in DJIFLY but no sign of v01.00.034 in the list.

Ohhhhh… are you trying to update to a specific firmware version?

Rather than the latest version?

I don’t think DJI will help you do that.

Have you the latest version of DJI FLY too?

you only have to upgrade to the latest version which is 01.01.0610

see here, the zoom function is “from” 01.01.0340 all versions after that have the zoom function.

Disregard the one shown 02.00.1101 as this is for the controller

Set at 0610 but still no zoom function showing? Do I have to do the 1101 for the controller I wonder to get the zoom function?

Hello PingSpike, I have updated to 01.01.0610 which it tells me is the latest version.

Yes I think so Chris (you will remember how inept I am at this tech stuff) I haven’t improved!

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To be honest way the zoom is a gimmick.

It only crops the image, something guy can do yourself in post

Agreed! It’s not optical zoom but because it’s available I want it just cos! Also yet another challenge to keep me current. BTW you got a mention a couple of weeks ago Chris. My daughters partner is a roofer back home in Devon & they asked about using drones for inspection. Anyhoo long story short I gifted/posted them my little red air then via whatsapp I got my daughter flying after she past her online test. I said it’s quite a journey & I got my initial help from this gent called Chris because I was getting no-where. I have urged her to join this group as there might be some Devonian flyers down there who might help if needed. The story continues!