MA2 gimbal camera overload

Hi, I have a Mavic Air 2 which I’ve flown six times.

I had something flag up on my mobile ‘Gimbal Camera Overload’ which is unheard of, as the camera is free from interference. I am always careful to pack it in the semi-rigid case, use the gimbal protector all times during storage and no hard landings whatsoever.

Have anyone had the same issue? I hope it is not necessary to send it to DJI for an examination.

Hi FlyExoticaholic I’ve only ever had this when I have turned on the MA2 with the protector still in place when I forgot to take it off and also when I turned the MA2 on while on the floor in longish grass. Does it move freely when the drone is turned off?

Do you take-off from the ground, a landing mat or from your hand?

A little bit of dirt blown up from the ground may interfere with smooth gimbal operation and cause the overload message.

Hi SirGunner,

The protector is always removed before flight.

I landed on trimmed grass yesterday, no flagging up but it did today when I used a landing mat.

Yes, it does move freely when it is switched off.

Hi Macspite,

Trimmed grass as I used the football pitch. Started using a landing mat today. From my hand - no way!

I didn’t know the gimbal camera mechanism was so sensitive to a little bit of dirt. It looks like I will avoid taking off from trimmed grass but stick to tarmac and landing mat for other landing conditions.

I’m not suggesting that I’m right but I have had that message when the hard surface I used turned out to be far dustier than I realised.

So I try and reduce the number of potential faults by using a mat. Good for the VPS finding you again when stood in a featureless field as well :slight_smile:

I’ve never really bothered what surface I’ve taken off from (other than water :wink: ), and never used a take-off pad. Never had any related problem.

Also of interest in that respect is the number of people that say “Oh - you’ll clog up the cooling fan with dust!”.
My fan failed, for whatever reason, but taking the MP significantly apart to replace the fan, one thing was very obvious. There was absolutely no build up of dust anywhere.
There are photos of that “discovery” somewhere in the #modifications thread.

Sorry was just having an Indian takeout. Have you tried recalibration the gimbal? And if so did it calibrate without errors? Yes the gimbal does seem to be quite sensitive but to be fair it is a delicate precision piece of equipment so you definitely need to take care of it

I re-calibrated everything when I got home. No errors at all.

Nonetheless, I will have to step up the maintaining a dust free process every time I use it outside.

But thanks for all your feedback.

Glad to hear it :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had this only when turning on with the protector in place, or when I changed the filter with the drone powered on. The latter makes me think the gimbal doesn’t like any manual movement when it has power