Made it into the media, well sort of!


Finally one of my photos got picked up by a local organisation, Visit Chichester. They contacted me after they saw my image of the Chichester Cathedral on Instagram and, after using it their Facebook and Twitter, they asked to use as header on this months newsletter. Not quite the media, but a start!


That’s seriously cool!!

And definitely worthy of The Celebrity Badge!!


Thanks Dave, quite chuffed! :blush:


Stunning capture! :+1:


Thanks Rob


Nice one Brian, great shot.

A pub has one of mine on their Facebook page, not really in the same league though


But it’s always great knowing what you have done is appreciated by others


Soon as you first posted that picture i straight away thought that would make a great “Tourist Promotional” picture.


Thanks Chris


Thats fantastic, congrats Brian. Wow. The photo definitely deserves to be put outhere thats for sure. :+1:


Well deserved as always Brian.


Well done.

Nice pic and beautifully edited too.


Love that pic…Well done


@sunstone @MementoMori @PaperCrane @garrycorb

Thanks guys :pray:


@BrianB that’s great news Brian
Don’t use Instagram myself but it makes you think what can come of simply posting your work.
I take it you have done it for kudos and not financial gain…


Thanks @Sparkman and no, not for financial gain. I am doing my PfCO but I think these type of pics are more about my hobby rather than a commercial product