Magic Battery


Shurely shome mishtake?

It was a normal flight, launch, establish home point, load Litchi Mission and set going. I have the app tell me height, speed and distance from home every 20 seconds. Plus battery level.

The preplanning had shown a waypoint mission of 7 minutes so I decided to use the extra battery time to fly and position for some stills. My normal flight time for the Mavic Air, landing with 30 per cent battery is around 12-13 minutes.

But the iPad kept calling out “80 per cent battery.” Which was odd. Looking at the data the 80 per cent point was reached at 3 minutes and 27 seconds. Which was still odd.

After actually registering that the battery was apparently not using any power it seemed a good idea to bring the aircraft back and land. Which I did with the iPad still telling me the battery level was 80 percent. The battery lights were at 2 out of four - 50 per cent-ish.

Very strange. The contacts in both the aircraft and the battery appear clean, aligned and intact. I use 3D printed contact protectors for the batteries when in the case or my pocket

Iy was the last flight of the afternoon, I needed to be back to try and score some drugs from my local supplier. But yet again there has been a disconnect between surgery and pharmacy so I’m without any heart medication for the next few days. Doubt I’ll keep going at 80 per cent!

But, back to battery - any ideas what’s happening and the cure?

Has it happened to anyone else?

very strange - no idea why though

Hey @macspite, I had the mavic air for over two years, and I never came across this issue. The battery drained much faster in strong winds, but that’s normal. Does the issue appear with litchi, with DJI GO 4 or actually it happens with both?.
So if it it is with the first or second, then they be guilty of it. If it is both, maybe the transmission is not getting refreshed properly hence the issue.

Have you tried to use the drone again since? Has the issue occurred since? When the issue occurred, did you had a good signal?

Btw, there seem to be a “Shurely shome mishtake” :joy:

I’m used to the battery behaviour on the Mavic and this is the first time I’ve experienced a reporting problem in 12 months / 160 flights ownership. The error occurred within the aircraft as both Litchi which I was using as the flight software and Airdata which shows the data uploaded from the aircraft gave a landing battery of 80%. Airdata showed that the 80% level had been reached a 03:27 and was reported as 80% for the rest of the ten-minute flight.

I haven’t had a chance to fly again, a combination of windy conditions and my time being taken up with the forthcoming Reason to Fly photo competition I will take the props off and run it indoors to see what’s reported by the battery. Signal downlink was patchy as there were distances and trees involved but the data shows a downlink at varying strengths all the time.

So it’s bench testing and keep an eye on flight times when I get it back in the air.