Magic Map

Morning all,

I thought I’d post up a link to this mapping site that can give a whole wealth of information regarding the exact location points of public access land and its boundaries, common land, public rights of way, footpaths and country parks (see image) as well as a whole lot more information that can be useful to a drone pilot


Interesting info. :+1:

Strange, though, that by the time you’ve zoomed in enough to see some info in enough detail to really use it, it stops displaying. Cycle paths, for instance.

This is the maximum zoom that they appear.

And the WHOLE of England is an “MMO” (Marine Management Organisation area.) - even thought most of England is not on the coast to have any interest in marine management.

It does seem that the UK does things in a very half-arsed manner!



There is a mapping system for Scotland which has some of the same features. It has a maritime focus, but can also be set to display relevant land-based features such as SSSIs, National Trust for Scotland boundaries etc.