Maidens with Meteor65 Pro ELRS Edition

Somehow acquired a new quad on Sunday (always need n+1)

Bought it off someone who uses crossfire, and won it at Tinywhoop competitions, so got a good price :wink: Actually turns out is my first 65mm quad too (UK Tinywhoop competitions here I come!). After a little struggle with binding (SPI ELRS isn’t as easy as UART connected), but updated to latest 4.3 and all good in the end. A few strange things happen at times (will do a separate video at some point), but overall quite pleased how well it and I flew on about 4 or 5 batteries. Seems a great little quad TBH!

Here’s some cut down footage from it (still need to get the OSD sorted, and name changed)


Just don’t upgrade your TX to ELRS 3.0… they’re dropping support for SPI RX… I guess you could add an EP2 (or smaller) to the quad and go with UART instead.

Is that your work? Looks like a good area to fly a tiny quad!

Yeah seen all that, annoying they removing it when quite a few coming with it now, and don’t want a V2 and a V3 TX (though maybe a new 1W TX isn’t a bad call for V3). Don’t want to add any weight to the quad really, the bigger batteries (which don’t fit in BTW, these BT2 batteries it comes with (what a lucky coincidence I used 20 BT2 connectors last week to upgrade all my old ones) are smaller than the usual ones… Annoying!) So will need to order some of the thinner BetaFPV BT2.0 ones… ergh. wonder what size the nectares are…

Yeah… Out of hours quiet estate, was quite good fun, though had forgotten the “pond” as I flew over and saw it, then a pigeon appeared, heart went into mouth a little, lol. Think the babyhawk might come here with me next time I’m down here, as we tend to stay late on a Tuesday evening… Instead of running I thought… oooohhh let’s bind and test this baby :slight_smile:

Check out the Cockroach frame from newbeedrone, they might have the 65mm version (I got the 75) . You can ditch the battery bay alltogether and just use a rubber band to secure the battery, this way you’re not limited by the battery dimensions…
Also, if I’m not mistaken, the meteor65/75 have the same parts, the only difference is the frame and props, so if you ever wanted, you could up the size a bit…

There’s a way around that. I have little TPU adapters… designed myself in tinkercad!

Change dimensions to suit your quad and batteries.

Cheers, but a rubber band works well :slight_smile:

It does indeed…