Major delays in returning DJI drone

Hi I requested a return/refund for my Mavic 2 Zoom nearly 10 days ago in order to be within the 14 day returns policy. i intend to return the 2 zoom and replace it with the air 2.
Have been on live chat 3 times now and each time they tell me to “wait for an email with instructions on how to return”. They’re giving no timelines and keep saying its in progress.
Has anyone had a similar experience? I’ve up until now had a good experience with DJI but waiting this long for what is surely just an email with an address to return to seems insane?

Just an update - 10 days after initial refund request DJI support have emailed and asked me to send the drone back to them IN THE NETHERLANDS. I’ve just checked what that would cost and parcelforce are quoting between £112-£130!!!
I think it is absolutely insane that a company like DJI are dispatching from Guildford yet they expect you to pay international tracked postage to return an item. Disgusting in my opinion. Subsequent emails to them for clarification go unanswered.

That is their only European location, and has always been the case.

DJI don’t have their own facility in Guildford. A shipping agent, perhaps. Nothing more.

Probably not what you want to hear, but yet another reason to buy DJI kit from Argos :confused:

Perhaps - but that is terrible from a customer perspective. This certainly isn’t made clear at point of purchase nor do their own live chat know that this is the case as when I queried this with LC they told me that I should be able to return to a UK warehouse as they have several.

I have never experienced a situation where I’ve been asked to cough up over £100 for postage for return of an item before. Imagine if amazon did that

If you are returning a non-faulty item to Amazon, you are expected to cover the shipping fees yourself.

Granted, Amazon returns are in the UK though.

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Always tick the ‘not of expected quality’ box on reason for return, covers you under the distancing selling regs. If the system still wants to charge you, jump on chat I’ve always found them accommodating.

What’s wrong with your M2z? I thought you were loving it?

Nothing wrong with it… my original intention was to swap it for the mavic air 2 as it’s more geared to what I need but i’m probably just going to keep the M2Z now as it’s a ballache to return and eats into the savings of getting the air 2

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good tip - although DJI say that the buyer is responsible unless the item is FAULTY. There isn’t a “not expected quality” option.

I was talking Amazon…

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ah ok thanks for clarifying

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