Making your own antenna

Hi. Had a rough lemon of a day, so I need a focus.
I am looking at building my own fpv video antenna.
If I go by raceband 1 which has a frequency of 5.685 Ghz, this give a wavelength of 52.98559mm.
I can double that to 105.97118 for a good solid antenna. Big, yes, but I don’t mind as it will be on my goggles.
I’ve seen videos of people making them. Has anybody here made them? What success did you have? And what design worked best for you?

I have made many antennas over the years for my early drones, providing you are confident in very precise soldering, measurement,etc then they are fairly straightforward to make.
I have used the SMA connectors of varying sorts to get my connections.
I have also converted my early Phantom 2 Vision to give it additional range,
There are some good videos of how they are made on Youtube.
I will try and dig out a link for you.

Yeah I’ve seen some videos. So it really does make a difference if your precise? Rather than just off the shelf antennae?

You need to source the different types of cables that you want, the wire leaves that the antennas are made of has to be a specific diameter.
You also need to know what sort you require LHCP or RHCP (Left Hand Circular Polarised) or (Right Hand Circular Polarised) this is the way the leaves of the antennas face.
I bought shit loads of the cable and connectors when i was making them.
But to be frank unless you are confident of very precise soldering then my advice is to buy them.
Having said that it is very satisfying when you do get it right.

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I found by experimentation that MIG Welding wire was the best rather than Copper/Brass wire as it stayed in shape better, but, was a bitch to tin and solder !.


The lobes of the Cloverleaf are closed loops. Each lobe is effectively a tuned circuit. If you were to make them multiple wavelengths in size they would no longer be resonant/tuned at the intended frequency unless some form of matching device was employed between the RX/TX and the antenna feed point. This is because antenna performance is not determined by VSWR, a very popular misconception, but by the reduction/removal of the capacitive and inductive reactive components.



I modified my Phantom 2 Vision + Hand Controller with a Long Range Flat panel Antenna and stick antennas on the WiFi Module.
And removed the pathetic antennas from the drone and replaced them also with 10db ones.
It improved my range immensely, until the wankers at DJI Fucked up the drones with a Firmware Update ,which fecked just about everyones setup.
Luckily with my Electronics experience I managed to redeem the drone by re-flashing the firmware (and done many for other P2V+ owners in my area).
They never admitted to the feck up (apart from the USA) and the Web was full of complaints about it.

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My Phantom 2 Vision + Antenna setup on the Controller.
Still works fine to this day !.

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