Mallorca Coast

Flew out to Mallorca just this week and had to do heinous amounts of paperwork beforehand to make it legal but got there in the end. Got a pano of the coastline on the western side of the island. All good in terms of flight restriction zones.


Santa Ponsa ?

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Sure is

This one that I took today you can see half the island.

Nice work, would you mind sharing how easy / difficult it was to fly your <249g drone in Spain?

The paperwork side of it is a little awkward. The requirement for a flyer ID extends to <250g drones if they have a mounted camera/microphone or can exceed speeds of 19 m/s. You have to register as EU drone operator and pass an A1/A3 exam. You can do this in any EU country, doesn’t have to be Spain and that ID can be used in any EU country including Spain. There are other posts on this site that go into more detail on that. It took me two-three out. You also need a fireproof plate with your name, phone number, operator ID, drone serial number and manufacturer/model details on the drone. I got mine from a German shop called

As for the actual flying. I always take off from secluded spots as the thought of being confronted by a foreigner gives me nightmares. You may need to recalibrate your compass when you get there to avoid calibration/GPS issues. Most drone code laws are the same only flying over built up areas is a maximum altitude of 20m/65ft and the usual 120m/400ft in non-built up areas. There is also an app called ENAIRE to tell you where no fly zones are in Spain as the DJI Geozone Map doesn’t cover all of them.

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Thank you very much for that detailed summary. Fascinating read. I hasn’t considered how difficult it would be, wonder if the Republic of Ireland is as difficult, must read up?

Looked it up, some good info if anyone is planning an Ireland :ireland: trip. Irish Aviation Authority , doesn’t apply to Northern Ireland as we are part of the UK.