Manchester gasometer

Inside the gasometer!


And its tiny planet:


Love the TP! :+1:


The 360 might be better if the zoom is enabled when creating the HTML code.


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With zoom:


Makes it possible for a much more inclusive downward view. :+1:

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That’s a seriously cool view :star_struck:


Presumably that is for demolition? I thought there were no gasholders currently used.

Old John, who had a seat at the bar dedicated to him, and I used to take the p8ss out of my girlfriend who was somewhat credulous.

But one day she asked why gasholders were built in different sizes, When we discovered that she neabt why are some taller than others we launched into the explanation of howthe holder was a series of concentric rings, rising or falling in relation to the amount of gas in the holder in order to maintain a relatively constant pressure.

She then assumed we were, as usual, taking the p*ss and wouldn’t talk to me for three days.

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I don’t know if it’s due for demolition. It’s been there for a while and I’ve never seen the tank raised.

Some are now grade 2 listed buildings and protected. I sometimes go the Oval to watch cricket and always admired the gasholder there

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LOL! Most were built in the early 20th century. :stuck_out_tongue: