Manchester panos at night, October 2021




@kvetner Lot of lights on display there …hint hint …Alan

Lots of photos to sort through!

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Flippin’ brilliant. Absolutely superb Well done.

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That is brilliant
I didn’t realise things like that could be done
Must have took you ages
Is there anyway I can download that to keep
And how would I start to learn to do it
If you only got silver for that I can’t imagine what the gold was
Keep doing it mate I think it’s great
Thanks Kevin

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The DJI Mini 2 (and I guess most recent DJI drones) has a setting to take a spherical panorama, which automates the process of taking photos in all directions and stitching them into a single image file.

The stitched image looks like this:

I’ve uploaded that photo onto the Kuula website, which turns it into the 360 view that you can spin around.


The “tiny planet” image was made from the same image, processing it in the Planetical app on my phone.