Matric 300 anyone?

I’ve been investigating various options for the best drone that can be used for commercial drone operations (mapping, surveying, inspections) as well as decent photography and settled on the DJI M210 RTK V2 with Z7, XT2 and Z30 cameras. Having decided that, and coming close to purchase I’ve started reading rumours of a m300 series soon to launch.

Is anyone able to substantiate these rumours or add any further details? I’m reluctant to invest heavily in reasonably exoensive kit that could soon become out of date. Perhaps there’s something better than the M Series anyway? (the M600 is too large)

@freetail I moved this post over to the DJI launch thread originally DJI launch event, 27th April 2020 - Mavic Air 2 as that one covers all the speculation about what may be coming and it’d pull your initial question wildly off topic :slight_smile:

To explore your other question further:

Does it have to be DJI kit? :thinking:

@freetail some more on the M300 for you:

And just a coupe of minutes ago:

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That’s music to my ears! I’ll hopefully be front of the line for one of these beauties

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No, doesn’t need to be Dji at all. In fact thats the reason for my question as my knowledge of other brands / solutions is limited. I love the Dji line, but like Apple, it’s all rather proprietary and closed, not to say expensive, so I’m certainly open to understanding more about other viable options

Hi PingSpike. Thanks for your help. Went ahead and purchased (1st to lay claim to this I believe) and very excited to have received shipment this weekend. Unboxing tomorrow and looking forward to seeing how it handles in the air and what the camera’s like. Got my eyes on a Phase One camera too. What’s your background?

I’d be very interested to see what you think.

I was on Heliguys review zoom meeting last month, I wasn’t sure about the props being below the craft. In some of the videos there seemed to be a lot of prop visibility in shot.

Hi Andy

The camera needs to be pretty horizontal to see the props but most of the time, one will be looking downwards, rather than purely horizontal or up. If you did need to point up, then of course it has the upward gimbal mount (optional accessory) as well for this. So honestly, hasn’t been a problem for me so far.

You do see the props in the FPV but nothing in fact from the H20 series. Just taken delivery of the dual and upward gimbal mounts today so will be good to play with the H20T and Z15 Spotlight together and see how the upward gimbal fairs