Matrice 30T - Photo and Movie format

Have just discovered that my 30T will only save to jpeg and mp4, NOT raw and mov. Real pity, such a good piece of kit.

For the .mov (I presume you are on Mac)

Lots of options for converting, I use this, quick and easy

Appreciate various methods of conversion for MP4, but absence of RAW is unfortunate at the moment. Hopefully will be addressed in a firmware update.

You’d think for north of 10k it wouldn’t have been an afterthought

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Mavic 3 Enterprise / Thermal can capture raw, but can’t record in MOV

I guess these drones are built for other purposes than for video and photographic excellence.

Thats riduculous that it wont record RAW.
My old Matrice 210 with an X5s will record just about anything.
Seems to me that DJI are trying to make you buy two drones to do the job that one used to do.
Not sure about the new Autel Max 4t with RAW but it looks a serious contender on paper.

Their target audience appears to be Fire/Police services etc.

It does seem a little strange, at first, that on such a beast RAW isn’t available … but then it’s not at all aimed at the movie maker.

Let’s face it, for similar money there are far better options for movie making.

And … not sure RAW on thermal imaging would add much … other than to the price.

Strange, though, that the specs on the DJI website make absolutely no mention of video/image encoding options … just resolution.

I can understand not the MOV format, but for the images not to have RAW where there is the JPEG option for the wide/zoom camera is strange. There is an enhancement feature for the thermal image, but as yet have not tried it although the reviews seem to indicate it is good. I suspect it is down to the processor speed. Taking an image results in all cameras saving a file, however DJI already have the software competence for JPEG/RAW. If it is a processor issue they could offer JPEG or RAW option. Have just heard from DJI in a very friendly tone that they have no plans to change this.