Matty Flip Learning

Out trying to learn Matty Flips today. Managed to get a couple of half decent ones out of ALOT of trys lol


Cool thats what its about. One man in a field nailing a trick. :clap:

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Haha cheers mate, 5 packs and 1 battered quad later :rofl:
It was fun but much harder than I expected lol

Looking good mate.

I need to find some rugby posts!!

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Do it mate, its a whole lot of fun! :grin:

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Flying backwards… It’s something I’m trying to get comfortable with. Very impressive mate. I get scared of running into something…

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Honestly Martin I thought it would be easier but it was much harder than I thought until it clicked. That was 3 out of the 100 attempts, the other 97 didnt end so well mate :laughing: I think the backwards part feels unnatural angle wise, takes getting used to lol

Great job, great feeling when you finally nail a trick (or don’t crash at least in my case…)

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Same for me :laughing: