Mavic 2 Front Arm Clips

Hi All,

Thought it was about time I did something useful for the group.

I’ve seen a few pics floating around recently which implies that the front legs may fold back and hit the rear props if you are flying around in a bit of a sporty fashion, I do enjoy zipping around the playing fields by my house sometimes if they are deserted of people so designed some M2 front arm clips that are easy to pop on\off and I think should stop the arms folding back much. Don’t think they will affect the aero to any real degree, weigh virtually nothing and made them a fairly loose fit so that there is some flex left but not enough to crash into the rear props.

Am I just being overly paranoid lol

If anyone want’s the STL file to print themselves drop me a message and depending on the feedback will put them onto thingiverse or similar if they appear to be useful.



Yup! :+1::wink:

Can’t see how, by flying around, you could generate a force in the direction needed for them to fold.

Yep you are probably right, I just saw a couple of pics on the facebook groups were it appears that the front arms of M2 temporarily moved back far enough to have the legs hit the rear props. I did pop them on to thingiverse in the end though if anyone does want them.

Hmmm - I don’t have the M2, but I know they’re not THAT different to my MP.

The prop planes are at different heights and I can’t imagine that the props would touch even if the arms did move back.

Got a link @miker33 mate?

Sorry that would help :slight_smile:

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