Mavic 2 Pro batteries

I was just wondering if it makes a difference if I charge my Mavic 2 Pro batteries right before flying or after my previous flight?

I mean does doing it like this affect lifetime of battery or anything?

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Batteries don’t like being stored at high charge for extended periods.

It’s probay better to charge day before you fly than having them charged all the time.

I usually charge on the Friday if I know I’m flying that weekend. Sometimes that doesn’t happen and I just allow then to self discharge.

One thing I do watch out for is storing them with a very low charge. You don’t want to run it down to 0 percent then store for weeks on end.

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Ok, will keep that in mind next time, the reason I normally charge them after each flight is so I don’t forget to charge them the next time

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If you fly regularly Im not sure how much of an impact it would have.

Theres been quite a few times I’ve had the chance to fly and no time to charge the batteries.

I charged 4 last weekend but didnt get round to flying so I know they are good for tomorrow.

I have noticed that the batteries for the M2P do discharge on their own. Why is that? Can you turn them off?

It’s a feature to protect the cells.

They start to discharge after 10 days of non use.

Previous models let you adjust the amount of days before discharge but mavic 2 and Air is set at 10 days.