Mavic 2 Pro Combo for sale [SOLD]

And the clear-out continues… Complete Mavic 2 Pro Combo kit for sale.
Carry case, drone, remote (still with plastic protective film on) :smile: 3 batteries, charging hub and official DJI car charger
£550 including next day delivery or pick near Chelmsford.
Cheers, Ian


@ianinlondon’s funding his next trip to Iceland :wink:


Just covering the bar bill so far!

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I took a good look at the ‘tech’ shelves and decided things needed to be used by a good home rather than gathering dust! :smile:


Well done :clap:

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Very commendable Ian, I just wish that I could afford it , but SWMBO has decreed that we need a new bathroom, and have you seen what they charge for a new bathroom !!! :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

When does the Mavic 3 go up for sale? :joy:

I refer the learned gentleman to the below thread last year… :wink:

Ah yes I remember now.

That’s an offer worth considering. Any chance of negotiating the price at all?

I’d prefer not to, as the eBay is going mad and already approaching this price with 5 days to go… :slight_smile:

OK. Can we chat in private?

I’ll send a message; keep in mind I set the price on here £100 cheaper than the ‘acceptable offer’ price on eBay :slight_smile:

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This package has now been sold. Cheers to all ! :smile:

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