Mavic 2 Pro Controller Brightness?


Hi guys,

Anybody know if or how to reduce the controller brightness on M2P controller please?


The screen brightness cannot be reduced or increased.


Darn! It’s rather bright at night!


Get a tinted screen protector for o phone and cut it into shape :+1:


These would work …. :rofl:




I can picture him at that dogging site with these on burger in one hand drone in the other and stumbling about not being able to see :rofl:




Do you need it Glenn? I’m guessing all the info from the controller is also displayed in GO4? Tape over it?

Or if you want to keep it, grab a tiny offcut of limo-black window tinting film and just peel it off after? (don’t wet it on!)


I actually use the height and distance quite a bit Rich, but I love the idea of putting a film over it! Cheers guys!!!


Height and distance is in the Go4 app, too. :wink:


My screen is mounted above my controller (and thumbs) so I never see it - I’ve probably just gotten used to never seeing the controller now :blush:


I know :wink: but I find the go4 app too cluttered, I like the critical info on the controller!


In fact… thinking about it… the Inspire controller doesn’t even have a display :rofl: